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CEMCON: We Represent Integrity, Excellence and Quality.

It has been our goal at Cemcon to provide our builders and developers with great services. Many of our clients see the advantage in using only one company to complete their entire project. The number of repeat projects with our clients and the low turnover rate of our staff are a testament to our achievement of high standards and quality service.

Legacy Framers, Inc. & Legacy Renovations, Inc.

In addition to our Cemcon corporation, we also provide additional construction services through our sister companies, Legacy Framers and Legacy Renovations.

LEGACY FRAMERS, INC. is a full service framing construction company that specializes in framing residential and commercial properties. With more than 30 years of experience, Legacy Framers has been providing professional public works, commercial, residential and industrial concrete contracting services to clients throughout the Bay Area.
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LEGACY RENOVATIONS, INC. is a home builder renovation contractor company. We provide quality work with attention to detail. Our company goal is to develop a flawless reputation in the remodeling industry. Our dedication is to complete your project on time with uncompromising quality, as well as eliminating as much disruption to your family's life as possible.
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A Quote From the President, Dave Gutridge:

"I dreamed of creating a business that would leave a legacy for my entire family. Something my children, nieces and nephews could eventually be a part of. We have worked very hard to create our reputation for integrity, excellence and quality. I have learned that Cemcon is much more than a financially successful company, but a trusted, reliable construction company. My goal is that everyone at Cemcon knows they are valued, has a happy work environment and that you, our valued clients, leave us completely satisfied with your project and the entire experience."

David Gutridge, President
Cemcon, Inc.


Dave and Susan Gutridge have a long history of supporting local communities and causes. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Gutridge seek to support positive social impact for their community, employees and the people who live within their framework.

One of the Gutridge's Causes: Breast Cancer Research

Virtually everyone has been touched by cancer in some way. Dave Gutridge and his wife Susan's personal encounter came about a decade ago when Susan's sister died of breast cancer. This tragic and unforgettable loss motivated the Gutridge's to help others find a cure for breast cancer.

Taking place annually throughout the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month aims to raise awareness about the disease and raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure.

Each October, Dave and Susan Gutridge participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month events through volunteering, donating and bringing awareness to this cancer.

Concrete Construction Services

Cement Pad for a Residence

In this example, a team of two pour fresh concrete into a framework containing steel rebar.

Concrete Construction Services

Sidewalks and Driveways

In this example, floating and troweling is performed to compact and smooth the surface as the concrete begins to harden.

Reinforcing Bar Placing -- Rebar

An industry example of Rebar placement

In this example, bar supports are used to hold the reinforcing bars in place to attain the proper depth of cover. The concrete protects the reinforcing bar from corrosion.

Pouring Concrete over Rebar

An industry example

In this example, concrete is being poured over rebar.

Customer Quotes:

Learn about the advantages in using only one company to complete your entire project.

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